Diabetes Secrets for the Young Generation
with Term Explanations

Diabetes Type I

What your Doctor isn't telling you
about Causes, Prevention and Cure

by Dr. Johann Georg Schnitzer

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Diabetes Type I, an Auto-Immune Disease

Diabetes Type I is said to be an auto-immune disease. The immune-system of the body aggresses the B-cells in the pancreas and destroys them. Finally, the production of insulin becomes insufficient to control the blood sugar level. The patient depends on an artificial blood-sugar-management for life, by daily Insulin injections and a special diabetic diet. The diabetic is told to be incurable and to arrange with the disease for lifetime. Up to this point, the diabetic patients are informed by their physicians about their disease.

The "Restricted Area of Medical Secrets" begins with 2 Questions:

Why does the immune system aggress its own B-cells?

It's a fact, that often in B-cells of Diabetes-I-patients viruses are found. This could be a reason, why the immune system aggresses the B-cells. But this leads directly to the next question:

How come viruses into B-cells?

It's told to happen because of a virus infection. But this is only half the truth.

The Plain Truth Continues with a Top Secret: In most Cases, it's an Allopathic Medication that Causes Diabetes Type I!

By nature, the human body alone is able to defend successfully against infections

  • By nature, the human body is able to defend successfully against infections from viruses and bacteria. The immune system is successfully fighting them down in the spaces outside the cells of the body, before they would be able to penetrate the cell membranes and enter the cells.

  • Two of the most important and effectful defense measures are an elevated body temperature (fever), and inflammation. Both include complicated alterations of the basic conditions in the body, including a change of the hydrogen ion concentration towards a more acid milieu, and a mobilization of an army of specialized defense cells of the immune system.

It's medication that disables the immune system!

  • What's the "modern medicine" doing in such acute cases of self-defense: "Antiphlogistic" and "antibiotic" measures are the today's standard! And which are the consequences of such "medical interference"?

  •  Immediately the defense measures of the immune system are stopped, the "fever" reduces, the milieu in the body goes back to "neutral".

  • Now the entry doors are widely opened for every viruses, bacteria and poisons, to penetrate the cell membranes and to integrate themselves directly with the genetic code (genes) of the cells.

The auto-immune system is right to find and destroy "Trojan Horses"!

  • From that moment on, the immune system recognizes e.g.: There are B-cells used as "Trojan Horses" by viruses to duplicate themselves, even perhaps producing insulin molecules that carry each of them a virus (because a virus might have docked with an insulin original from which the insulin copies are taken).

  • The logic consequence of the immune system: Such B-cells must be destroyed.

It's the doctor, who was wrong to disable the body's army -
in the middle of the hottest phase of the battle!

  • Therefore, it's not the virus infection itself causing Diabetes I - it's the unbiologic, antiphlogistic, antibiotic measure of "modern physicians", suppressing the reactions of the immune system on the infection and disabling the immune system by that!

  • In fact, in every single case of Diabetes I we could get a complete anamnesis, such a measure of a physician was found, shortly before the break-out of the Diabetes I.

  • Even - against the doubtful theory of "genetic causes" - one of two uniovular twins (age about 1 year) got Diabetes I, the other twin didn't get it. When analyzing the anamnesis, this came out: Shortly before, the one twin had a cold, and was treated with antiphlogistic suppositories - and shortly after became diabetic. The other uniovular twin had no cold, was not treated, and didn't become diabetic.

  • In another case of Diabetes I, the cause was the antibiotic, antiphlogistic treatment of a parulis (a swollen cheek because of a dead tooth).

  • If you are a diabetic Type I, or if you know one, try to check the anamnesis. Probably you will find such a cause.

  • The same medical fault can cause other chronic diseases too, e.g. leukemia. The explanation why, is found in the "Homotoxicology" principles of Dr. Hans Heinrich Reckeweg.

  • Much more such "secret" details you can find in the book "Diabetes Causes & Cure, Including Cure of Later Diabetes Consequences". For the book review, please click on this title.

Prevention of Diabetes Type I

"Primary Health Care"

Most important is a "Primary Health Care: To prevent and to treat diseases by health". This definition was formulated by the former Ethiopian Vice Minister of Health, Dr. Getachew Tadesse, an internationally acknowledged epidemiologist. When I met him in 1989/90 in Addis Ababa (the capital of Ethiopia, East Africa, the origin area of mankind), he said to me: We know that the Western medicine would destroy our population. This we don't want." (Question: Who are the real "developing countries", and who should learn from whom, when concerning knowledge and status of natural health of their populations?!)

Man's Origin Nutrition, the Natural Basis of Health

What's the most important basis of health? It's a natural, undenaturated, man-appropriate nutrition. After man has been proven to be genetically frugivorous, the healthiest nutrition for man is plant-based. A natural nutrition, based on man's origin nutrition and transformed into a "civilized origin nutrition", is described in all details in the book "Schnitzer Intensive Nutrition, Schnitzer Normal Nutrition". For the book review, please click on the title.

Never Suppress - Always Support the Auto-Immune-System!

  • The other important measure is, in cases of infection, inflammation, fever, never to suppress the immune system - the opposite way is the right way: Always to support the immune system by bio-medical measures.

  • An excellent "tool" e.g. is homeopathy. Mostly, homeopathy cures such acute events much faster than the usual suppressive methods, and it's without the often dangerous "side-effects", and without the later consequences of allopathic medication.

  • Other methods are acupuncture, electro-acupuncture, or plant extract (herbal) medicine.

  • Fasting during the acute "hot phase" (=fever and/or inflammation) too supports the immune system, because normally most of its capacity is busy with metabolizing food. Fasting sets this part of capacity free for self-defense. If the body signalizes "No appetite", it's good to follow the signal and not to eat anything, until a new signal "Hunger" comes.

  • Important: Always to drink sufficiently good well water (e.g. the French table water "Volvic"). More about measures in such acute cases (unfortunately at this moment only in German) is available on the page "Grippe und Erkaeltung" (please click here).

Causes & Prevention of the "Later Consequences" of Diabetes Type I

The serious "Later Consequences" of Diabetes

  • The "later consequences" of both types of Diabetes, I and II, are the same, and they all are very serious: Leg amputation because of diabetic gangrene, losing eyesight because of bleedings in the retina, renal failure (needing dialysis ), degeneration of nerves, loss of sensation, degeneration of the liver, inner bleeding to death because of a varicose oesophagus, heart attack, stroke , and embolism.

  • All these serious conditions can't be avoided by regularly taking the recommended medications and diet (that's too one of the secrets that aren't told to the patients by their doctors).

In truth, these conditions are "Later Consequences" of the Diabetic Diet!

  • In truth, all these serious conditions aren't really "later consequences" of the diabetic disease - they are "later consequences" of the usual diabetic diet! This diet provides an oversupply with protein - and this is the real and true cause of the "later consequences", and the main cause of Diabetes Type II itself.

  • Although the "modern medicine" doesn't offer an alternative to this diabetic diet, there is one: It is the "civilized origin nutrition", that provides sufficient, but no oversupply of protein, and that provides a well balanced supply with slowly resorbable carbohydrates. In addition, this natural nutrition contains everything the body needs to normalize its metabolism and to reconquer its natural health.

The alternative diabetic diet: The healthy, man-appropriate
"Civilized Origin Nutrition"

Cure of Diabetes Type I, including its "Later Consequences"

  • It's not so easy to cure Diabetes Type I, than to cure Diabetes Type II. But it's possible too in a considerable percentage of the cases. And the others at least can be improved, and most of the heavy later consequences can be prevented.

  • Here's the result of one German physician, who treated 119 diabetics with this knowledge, among them 31 with Diabetes I:

119 diabetic patients treated with the diabetes curing therapy,
discovered by Dr. Johann Georg Schnitzer already in 1977:







Diabetes II






Later Consequences






Diabetes I






Later Consequences






(reported by Dr. H. Weiss in "Erfahrungsheilkunde" 13/1981, S. 1085-1087, Haug Edition, Heidelberg, Germany)

  • Additional chances to cure Diabetes Type I can be expected from a cellular therapy with special stem cells, that don't provoke the body's immune system. But even this would be rather useless, if the causes of the later consequences of Diabetes still would exist in the body, and if the natural preconditions of health wouldn't be restored.

Why there isn't much preventive information from the medical system ...

  • Concerning Diabetes I and II, there isn't much information from the system of the "modern medicine". You must perceive it clearly: Diabetes itself is one of the biggest businesses of the medical sector, including physicians, pharmacies, the pharma industry, the hospitals, the clinics, and the insurances.

  • The later conequences of Diabetes aren't less "interesting" (economically seen); Dialysis, leg amputations, wheel chair production - alltogether they (and their profits and shareholder values) grow with the endemic growth (increase) of the diabetic morbidity in the population. The causes, including the doubtful composition of the common diabetic diet, too belong to the "restricted area of medical secrets". These secrets aren't only denied. Even "targeted disinformation" (an Eastern invention developed during the Cold War) is used in PR articles and news -  to spread doubts, in case people try to find out the truth behind the diseases business.

  • About this strange course of the so called "modern medicine", that urgently would need a correction, please read: "Medicus, quo vadis? Physician, whither thou goest?" (to find the treaty, please click on the title).

Conclusion: Protect yourself from Diabetes and its Later Consequences!

  • Already the awareness of a danger reduces it considerably (it's told by 50 %), because it attracts your attention to the danger and motivates you for prevention. Therefore, direct your attention to the chronic civilization conditions and their causes, and especially to Diabetes!

  • Inform yourself directly, try to find out the uncensored, unfiltrated truth about the secrets of natural health and the civilization's avoidable chronic diseases. About Diabetes, you find it concentrated in the book "Diabetes Causes & Cure, Including Cure of Later Diabetes Consequences". About a nutrition that maintains your health, you find all information and practical Know How in the book "Schnitzer Intensive Nutrition, Schnitzer Normal Nutrition".

What I'm able to contribute from my side to inform you, I'm doing  via my website and my books. The truth is easy to understand, and it can save you from serious and permanent, lifelong trouble. It's not necessary for you to fall into the same diseases traps as your parents and grandparents did. You have now a real chance to prevent it, and to protect or reconquer your natural health.

Some of the special terms I tried to explain below (links connect from each term to its explanation). If you find another term that should be explaines, please e-mail it to me: [mailto:Dr.Schnitzer@t-online.de].

Friedrichshafen, Germany, 2004     Dr. Johann Georg Schnitzer

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Special Terms Explanation

     A chronic disorder of the glucose (sugar) metabolism. The body's ability to control (optimize) the blood sugar level is affected. Diabetes is a leading cause of death in the "civilized" countries. The ruling medical dogma explains it to be caused by inadequate (insufficient) production or use (efficacy) of insulin. Insulin is the hormon that prevents the blood sugar exceeding a certain optimal level. The blood sugar is the energy supply for the body. An optimal blood sugar level is as important for the body, its cells and organs, as an optimal electric voltage is important for every electric or electronic equipment.
     The ruling medical dogma doesn't explain the causes of the diabetic disorder, and doesn't offer a curing therapy. Diabetes is worldwide one of the biggest businesses of the "modern medicine" and of the pharmaceutical industry.
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Civilization condition: 
     Most of the today's widespread chronic diseases (ailments, conditions) didn't exist, before the so called "modern civilization" was developed. Even in former high civilizations - like the old Egypt, Greece, Roman, Chinese, Indian, Maya civilizations - the "modern civilization diseases" were unknown. These populations were very healthy, their skeletons, their bodies and their dentitions were beautiful and well proportioned. They had the knowledge how to maintain a natural health of their population including healthy, undegenerated offspring. This knowledge still is available - but kept as a top secret, protected by neglecting the truth or cover it with a smoke by "targeted disinformation".
     The "modern medicine" claims to have increased the life expectancy. But this is only half the truth. Half of the increase comes from a better birth hygiene. If one of two dies shortly after birth, and the other one reaches 80, the statistical average is 40. If both survive, the modern medicine claims a 100 % increase of life expectancy!
     The other half of "increased" life expectancy too doesn't come from more health. The "modern medicine" doesn't bring more health into the population. Because healthy people of any age wouldn't need a doctor, nor a pharmacy, nor a "health insurance".
     This other half of "more" life expectancy comes from the biased efforts of the "modern medicine", focussed on keeping ill people longer alive. Not on curing them! This would be "contraproductive!
     It's the ill but alive people that represent the fertile field, from which the complete system of the "modern medicine", doctors, clinics, pharmaceutical industries, pharmacies and insurances permanently are harvesting their considerable incomes. The chronic civilization conditions are the indispensable preconditions of their economic existance and prosperity. That's why they defend them with similar efforts, as the oil industry is defending the access to their oil resources.
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Diabetes Type I: 
     Before, this type was called "Juvenile Diabetes". Because this type occured only to children. This type of diabetes needs from the beginning of the disease to be on insulin, because the natural insulin production in the body has decreased. As we could find out, it's mostly caused by measures of a physician!
     The "modern medicine", not really understanding the reactions of the natural immune system in cases of acute defense (e.g. producing fever or an inflammation, that create better conditions to fight the "aggressor" successfully down) - this "modern medicine" fights the immune system and it's defense reactions down!! Mostly, it's such a physician's medication of "antibiotics" or antipyretic drugs during an infection or inflammation, that produces some weeks or months later a "Diabetes Type I".
     The new name had to be invented, because the "modern medicine" had produced a considerable mess: By increased efficacy of medication against the acute defense measures of the immune system, the "modern medicine" succeeds now to produce "juvenile diabetes" even in adults. So, how to tell now a 45 years old man that he has got a "juvenile diabetes"? To avoid disagreeable questions, how this could have happened, isn't it better to tell him, from now on for the rest of his life to "live with a diabetes type I"?
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Diabetes Type II:
     Originally, this type of diabetes was called "Diabetes of Adults". But the mess wasn't less than with "juvenile diabetes" - more and more children got such a "diabetes of adults". Before, the "diabetes of adults" was said to be a "disease of old age". But then, younger adults got it too. And now children! How to explain to a 15 years old girl that she has got a disease of old age? To avoid again disagreeable questions, isn't it better to tell her, that from now on for the rest of her life she has to "live with a diabetes type II"?
     In truth, this type of diabetes is caused by the today's denaturated and not man-appropriate feeding habits. Especially the oversupply with animal protein, worsened by consumption of a lot of sugar and white flour products (junk food!), are the main causes of diabetes type II.
     It's no longer surprising that a high protein consumption is recommended by nutritional and medical "experts". It's the best way to maintain most of the chronic civilization ailments (the "oil resource of the modern medicine"), and especially to make diabetes type II "incurable"!
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Later Diabetes Consequences:
     They are practically the same, the later consequences of diabetes type I and II. Because they are less the consequences of the diabetic diseases - they are mainly the later consequences of the usual diabetic diet. It's the protein oversupply of this diet, that causes most of these very serious secondary diabetic ailments:
     Losing one's eyesight, losing legs by amputation because of diabetic gangrene, losing sensation because of diabetic nerve degeneration, suffering from kidney failure and forced for several hours of dialysis twice per week (dialysis is one of the fastest growing medical businesses), embolism, stroke, heart attack because of complete obliteration of blood vessels ...
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Medical secrets:
     There are so many medical secrets - it would need books to describe them. Much of them are about causes of diseases. Some of them even the physicians don't know, because they weren't instructed about during their studies, despite the knowledge would be available in books, scientific studies and in some people knowing about (and partially being squelched and persecuted because of that).
     This is valid for the main causes of most of the chronic civilization diseases (otherwise the population wouldn't be so ill in such a high percentage), including the causes of diabetes I and II, leukemia, hypertension, most cancer types, tooth decay and malposition of teeth.
     Other "medical secrets" become revealed under the physicians eyes: E.g. if a patient, suffering from a disease said "incurable" by the medical doctrine, gets cured from it. If being a true scientist, the doctor should become curious, trying to find out how this happened, perhaps it could cure his other "incurable" patients too. But, as an obedient member of his medical association and of the ruling medical doctrine, he will develop doubts on what he has seen, and e.g. say: "Cured from diabetes? Impossible! If cured, it wasn't a true diabetes before. Because if it would have been a true diabetes, it wouldn't have been cured, because diabetes is incurable!".
     As the German physisist and Nobel Prize winner Max Planck said, wrong doctrines survive 50 years, until relieved, because not only the respective professors, but also their students must die out before ...
     This new, diabetes curing therapy I had discovered in 1977. Says, we have to wait until about the year 2027, until this therapy will be tought to the students of medicine, enabling them to prevent many cases (by avoiding medical faults), and to cure most of their diabetic I and II patients. But this too would mean (and it's another medical secret), that a much smaller total number of physicians would be needed and able to exist from the reduced number of ill patients ...
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Auto-immune disease:
     Condition caused when the body produces antibodies to its own substances. Diabetes type I is one of them, and there are many others. The mechanism is known and published.
     But not much research is done on the predonditions that lead to such a self-destruction. As we know by practical cases studies, it can be caused by unbiological medication, especially during acute diseases with fever or inflammation. This disables the immune system (as, in case of fire, you would close the water pipe for the fireguards because they make everything wet and a lot of noise).
     As a consequence, now the viruses can penetrate the cell membrane, and use the cell's genetic program to multipy themselves. The immune system - if still partially functional - recognizes such viruses breeding cells and destroys them. This is called "auto-immune-disease".
     In case the "modern medicine" succeeds fully to disable the immune system by the high efficacy of their wrongly designed drugs, the result is an "Auto-Immune-Deficiency-Syndrom". The abbreviation of this is AIDS. To argue that a virus should be its cause (still this mere assertion is waiting for a true scientific proof), reminds rather on the method "Stop thief!", to draw the attention off from the true causes.
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     Glandular organ that secretes digestive enzymes and hormons. The "islets of Langerhans" inside the pancreas contain alpha-2-cells, which produce the hormon glucagon, and the beta-cells (B-cells), which produce the hormon insulin. Both hormons together control and maintain an optimal blood sugar level. If the level is lowering under the optimum, some glucagon is produced, causing the liver to change some of the stored glycogen into glucose (blood sugar). If the blood sugar is elevating above the optimum, some insulin is produced, to cause the liver to store some of the glucose as glycogen.
     In many of children and young people, a chronic inflammation of the pancreas has taken place. This can cause many different complaints and diseases. It's one of the reasons why it's more difficult to cure a diabetes type I. The main cause of a chronic pancreas inflammation is the common denaturated civilization nutrition, especually if it contains a lot of protein and a lot of sugar (as the usual "junk food" does).
Chronic pancreas inflammation can be cured by a natural, man-appropriate, undenaturated nutrition ("civilized origin nutrition").
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     The hormon insulin controls the blood sugar level "from the upper side": If the level elevates above the optimum, some insulin is produced, bringing the level back to the optimum.
     Diabetes means an uncontrolled elevation of the blood sugar level because of an insufficient control from this "upper side". This can reach a level where the patient becomes unconscious (diabetic coma), that can end deadly. The mechanisms (and their medical explanations and doctrines about) are different. The most common explanation is "lack of insulin".
     That's why - in cases of diabetes type I - insulin injections are taken, and why in cases of diabetes type II sulfonyl urea are given, to spur on the B-cells to produce more insulin (until they become exhausted, degenerated an finally also insulin has to be injected).
     But this doctrine has its flaws. Already in 1981, 4 years after I had discovered this diabetes curing therapy, Dr. Jesse Roth (Bethseda, Maryland, USA) found the insulin receptors in the cell membranes, and he discovered that in diabetic patients it's the receptors only have limited functioning - many of the patients had even more insulin in their blood than healthy people have. By a diet "rich in fibres, low in calories" he could normalize the receptors and the natural blood sugar control of these patients.
     It's not only "hyperglycemia" (too high blood sugar level), that characterizes diabetes. It's also "hypoglycemia" (too low blood sugar level). In truth, it's an impaired blood sugar control from both sides. Like a drunk driver sways from one side of the road to the other, the blood sugar level of the diabetic oscillates between too much high and too much low. The reason is not so much a limited insulin production. The main reasons are two others:
  1. it's a wrong nutrition, with fast resorbable carbohydrates in it (refined white flour, soluble sugars, and foodstuff containing those); and
  2. it's a retarded transport of the insulin from the B-cells in the pancreas to the insulin receptors in the cell membranes.

     The cause of the transport retardation is an oversupply with protein and refined carbohydrates, partially stored as mucopolysaccharides in all tissues, in the cell membranes, in the basal membrane of the blood vessels and the capillaries, and in the interstitium (the space between the body's cells and the blood capillaries).
     By all that, the way from the B-cells into the blood, and from the blood to the insulin receptors in the cell membranes, becomes loger up into 15 of normal (according to findings of Prof. Dr. med. Lothar Wendt). By that, the transport time squares 15 x 15 = 225.
     Now it's easy to understand, why the blood sugar control runs out of control. If the body orders some insulin because of a higher blood sugar level, the production starts immediately. If normally it takes about one minute, until the first insulin reaches receptors and lowers the blood sugar level, now this can take up to 225 minutes. That's several hours!!! In all that time, the blood sugar level goes on elevating, and the body orders more insulin production. When - after all that time - the first insulin reaches the receptors, the blood sugar level starts lowering. But now, there are other huge quantities of insulin still on the way. The more of it reaches insulin receptors, the more the blood sugar level becomes low, much too much low. That's why "hypoglycemia" is the other side of diabetes.
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     A virus is a unit of nucleic acids with a protein coat, that can stay inactive (e.g. crystallized) but infectious for many years, and that's able to reproduce and multiply, by using the protein- and nucleic-acid-synthesizing ability of living cells (of plants, animals or bacteria) to replicate itself. There are many different types of viruses existing, and they can change their structure from generation to generation. The immune system of the body is able to develop antibodies against most of them and to neutralize them. Partially this needs the full efforts and arsenal of the immune system, including a higher body temperature (fever).
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     Bacteria are unicellular organisms, able to replicate itself by dividing into two, four, eight etc.. There are many very different bacteria, some living with oxygen, others without oxygen, some of them can cause infectious diseases, and many more types of bacteria are undispensable for human and other organisms health and for the fertility of the soil.
     In case of an infection from pathogenic (diseases causing) bacteria, the immune system of the body has a complete, well-armed army to defend itself against the aggression.
     The "modern medicine" is thinking to support the organism in case of bacterial infection by antibiotics. But this is a double-edged sword with serious side-effects. E.g. the killed pathogenic bacteria release their endotoxines into the body, producing a heavy intoxication. Too, the body's immune system can be impaired as well by antibiotics - and if some of the bacteria are resistant to the antibiotics, the body remains exposed to their infection without defense.
     Another consequence of antibiotic therapy is the destruction of the natural intestinal bacterial flora too, that normally protects the intestine against foreign bacteria and that provides the organism with protein and vitamins (e.g. Vitamin B 12). After the intestine remains unprotected, foreign and partially pathogenic bacteria settle there, causing chronic inflammation, diseases and vitamin deficiency.
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Cell membranes: 
     The membranes of cells are their "outer skin" - protecting them against their environment, but at the same time serving for communication and exchange of water, oxygen, carbo-oxygen, glucose, protein, fatty acids, enzymes, minerals, trace elements and many other substances. The cell membrane is the place where the insulin receptors are sitting. In case of protein oversupply, this membrane thickens too - and the insulin receptors are more and more covered by a protein layer.
     That's the reason why the insulin efficacy reduces more and more. Increasing the insulin production artificially or injecting insulin is not a very intelligent solution of this problem. The right measure is to reduce the protein supply, to allow the membrane to normalize and the receptors to become again functional.
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     Fever is one of the most effective measures of the organism to defend against any viral or bacterial aggression in a "total war". By a higher body temperature the virus becomes weakened, and the body's defense army and their weapons (e.g. antibodies) become more effective. It's similar with bacteria. At the same time, the body is liquefying parts of the connective tissues, to eliminate everything that's not needed - including stored protein from former oversupply. The hydrogen ion concentration is shifting to acidulous, supporting the immune system's defense measures.
     If an antibiotic or antiphlogistic medication is given in this situation, all these measures of the body, which had been optimized during millions of years of evolution, get stopped all of a sudden. This is a very serious intervention, and a main cause of later appearing chronic conditions, within them diabetes type I and leukemia.
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     While fever means a "total war", an inflammation is a local combat. A part of the defense army is sent to the place where an infection has happened. They encircle the enemies, neutralize their poisons, and the body's macrophages immediately eat the enemies up. If necessary, the macrophages even sacrifice themselves, by leaving the body with the eaten enemies inside them. For that purpose, the body can open a special exit - where the macrophages transport the enemies out as "discharge of pus".
     The same process can become necessary in case of undigestible foodstuff, like saturated and hardened simple fats from "junk food". This can happen as many small local inflammations, known as "acne". Acne is as chronic as the chronic intake of "junk food" is chronic.
     A chronic inflammation of an organ like the pancreas can be caused by a pathogenic intestinal flora (e.g. after an antibiotic medication has destroyed the natural flora), and can be maintained by the bacteria directly, or indirectly by their poisons they produce in the intestine. If such a pathogenic intestinal flora is permamently supplied with unhealthy "junk food" - who could expect that a chronic inflammation of the pancreas would ever have a chance to heal up?
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Hydrogen ion concentration: Called "pH", it is a range of numbers expressing the relative acidity or alkalinity of a solution. Tha values range from 0 to 14. The pH of an neutral solution is 7. Acidic solutions have pH values below 7. Basic (alcaline) solutions have pH values above 7.
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Antiphlogistic: Measure or medication against inflammation.
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Antibiotic: Medication "against life" (of bacteria).
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Poisons: =Toxins, agents that produce a damage to the body. More precise according to Dr. H. H. Reckeweg: Homotoxins = agents that are toxic to the human (=homo) body.
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Genes: Genes carry the genetic code of every living organism. A gene is a segment of DNA that carries a particular information, e.g. the chemical information (draft, blueprint, or better to say an original sample from which the copies are taken),  neccessary for the production of an enzyme or hormon - e.g. of insulin. The strands of DNA are organized in chromosomes. Each cell of the body has in its chromosomes the complete information of the structure, functions and appearance of the complete body.
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Trojan Horses: In Greek mythology, in the war between the Greeks and the people of Troy, finally the Greeks used a stratagem to win the war. They built a large hollow wooden horse, inside hiding a small group of warriors. The other Greeks acted as if sailing home. The Trojans, despite warnings, pulled the horse inside their city walls. At night, the hidden warriors came out and opened the city walls for the Greeks, and Troy was destroyed. In a similar way, the viruses are hiding inside the B-cells and later - using the B-cell's structure and support - replicate and multiply, to destroy finally the B-cells, using the body's own defense system for this self-destruction. [back to the original passage click here]
Docked with an insulin original:
     Imagine there is in a B-cell on a gene an "insulin original", as the sample from which the insulin copies are taken. Imagine further: because of an antibiotic medication, the immune system was impaired during an acute virus infection. Therefore, viruses could penetrate the cell membrane and dock with the "insulin original", to use that fast working production to be replicated also, together with the insulin.
     From that moment on, each produced insulin molecule is carrying one or several reproduced viruses with it. It doesn't take long, until the immune system remarks that something is wrong, that there is a B-cell producing insulin plus viruses. The immune system will destroy this B-cell. If there are only some B-cells used in this way by viruses, the other not infected ones still will be able to produce sufficiently insulin.
     But if most of the B-cells carry viruses and reproduce them continuously, the immune system will destroy most of the B-cells, and then the insulin production will become insufficient. This very probably is the mechanism, how the wrong treatment of acute infections and inflammations produces permamently new diabetis of the type I.
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Un-bio-logic means "not according to the logic of life". Examples given:
     In case of fever: It would be un-bio-logic measure to suppress the fever. Because the body has logic reasons why it has set a higher temperature (better conditions to succeed against an aggressor). The bio-logic measure is to support the immune system in its fight against the aggressor; as soon as the immune system succeeds in this fight, the body will normalize the body's temperature by itself.
     In case of hypertension: It would be un-bio-logic to suppress the higher blood pressure. Because the body has logic reasons why it has set a higher blood pressure (supply of all cells and organs with oxygen and energy, despite a narrowed blood circulation system) The bio-logic measure is, to normalize the blood circulation system (see the book "Hypertension Causes & Cure"). As soon as the blood flow resistance has normalized, the body will normalize the blood pressure by itself.
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Anamnesis: The history of diseases, symptoms, medications and treatments the patient had suffered from (respectively received), before the actual disease and complaints have appeared.
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     A parulis is a local inflammation in the upper or lower jaw, mostly caused by a dead tooth (a tooth in which the "nerve", the pulpa, has died or has been devitalized by a dentist). The body remarks that there are tissues which are no longer alive, and tries to eliminate such a dead tooth. But that's not easy - because the tooth still is connected to the jaw. Provoked by some dead protein, that has remained in the small side-branches of the root canal even despite a dental treatment and root filling, the immune system sends a part of its army to remove these "dead body toxins". An inflammation at the tip of the root develops. Macrophages absorb the toxins and search for a way to outside. So long as they don't succeed, a heavy pressure of pus develops inside the jaw, causing unbelievable heavy pains. Because of the serious situation, more troups of the defense army are ordered to interfere, who develop a big "fighting field", with widened access (blood and lymphatic vessels) to it, and with an endematic swollen, even hardened environment (= the swollen cheek).
     This complete scenery, including the pains, is diagnosed with one word: "Parulis". The way out for the pus only can go through the jaw bone to the surface of the mucosa inside the mouth. The result is a fistula, a channel through which the macrophages as pus can leave to outside. As soon as the pus can go out, the pains reduce, and the swollen cheek slowly normalizes. Such a tooth must be taken out, as soon as the acute inflammation has disappeared.
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Medical fault: 
     As a medical malpractice or professional blunder should count every measure, that impairs the physical and mental health of a patient. Objectively, e.g. to suppress a self-regulation of the body like an elevated temperature or an elevated blood pressure (instead of supporting the body to get rid of the causes of such events), is a medical fault.
     But under the legal (forensic) aspect, it's a completely different situation. There, every measure according to the "ruling medical doctrine" is regarded as legal, correct and "arte legis" - even if finally it results in the exitus (death) of the patient. Even a physician can be sued for not have carried out such a measure, because he was personally convinced that it could have impaired the patient. On the other side, every measure, even if it had saved the patient's life, can be sued if not "acknowledged" by the "ruling medical doctrine".
     What the "ruling medical doctrine" has to be, is determined by "acknowledged" medical representatives, specially those who have positions in universities or private institutes. But - who is it who "acknowledges" them? In any case, it' not a democratic process, nor is it depending on the objectively documented truth. It's more a matter of power, connections, research funds, economic and political influences.
     After so the "system of the modern medicine" (whatever and whoever this is) decides what a medical fault is, a fault could be what could be a disadvantage for  the "system of the modern medicin", its influence, income, its political and economic power, rather than a "medical fault" would be what could be disadvantageous for the patients.
     Recently a Swiss physisist, who is a high end computer expert, said to me: "In a wrong system the right measure is wrong, and the wrong measure is right!". In a considerable part, the system of the "modern medicine" must be a "wrong" system. Because how otherwise it could happen, that the more there is "modern medicine", the more there are chronic diseases and ill people?
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     A cancer disease of the hematopoetic (blood-forming) system (bone marrow, lymphatics, liver, spleen). By an excessive production of white blood cells (leukocytes), the red blood cells and platelets are crowded out.
     While much research fund is spent to find a cure, there are no special efforts to find out the causes of leukemia. But as we know, a main cause are medical treatments and medications during an acute infection with fever or an acute inflammation. There are cases of people who died from leukemia, confirming this medical ("iatrogenic") cause.
     The explanation of the mechanism can be found in the Homotoxicology: The antibiotic, antiphlogistic medication causes a "progressive vicariation": = the acute disease, a "reaction phase", becomes progressively (=progressing deeper into illness) replaced (= vicariated) by the much more serious "degeneration phase" (e.g. Diabetes type I) or "neoplasma phase" (cancer, e.g. leukemia).
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     It's a logic evaluation system of diseases, developed by Dr. Hans Heinrich Reckeweg, that enables the physician to evaluate the diseases history of the patient (anamnesis), the present status (diagnosis) and the patient's further fate (prognosis). Also it supports the selection of the appropriate medication and treatment measures, and the evaluation of the reactions on the treatment.
     Homotoxicology is based on the principle, that every reaction of the body has a cause. If the reaction is a disease, the cause must be a substance that is the opposite of good for the body: A toxic (poisonous) substance. After toxicity is not only a matter of the substance, but also a matter of the respective species (e.g. the deadly nightshade - belladonna - is poisonous for man - homo sapiens - but healthy food for certain birds), a definition of toxicity always needs to say "toxic for whom". Therefore, Reckeweg named substances that are toxic for man "Homo-Toxins".
     To get an overview and logic order of all diseases, the Homotoxicology lists all functions, reactions and diseases of the body up in a table. From left to right, this table has 6 columns. The first column contains the physiological functions, and the other columns show step by step more serious phases of diseases. The column No. 6 contains all types of cancer. The lines of the table contain from up to down the different germ-layers of the body and the tissues and organs belonging to them - from ectoderm to mesoderm down to the endoderm. If a patient shifts on this table from leftside up towards rightside down, it means an aggravation. If the patient moves from rightside down to leftside up on this table, it means recovery from heavier to lighter disorders.
     More about Homotoxicology, and what it means for diabetes type I and II, is explained in the book " Diabetes Causes & Cure, including Cure of Later Diabetes Consequences".
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Epidemiologist: Medical expert in epidemiology, the science about incidence of diseases and their causes, prevention and cure in populations. 
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     It says already a lot that this strange word construction had to be invented: "Un-de-naturated". More simply could be used the word "natural". But so many different food processing methods have been invented (boiling, cooking, baking, pasteurizing, sterilizing, conserving, bleaching, extracting, frying, grilling, and now even genetically manipulating), all of them destroying the original natural alive foodstuffs by de-naturating them, that their natural state has become the rare exception:
     Not denaturated, un-de-naturated! Just a cereal grain as it is - alive, germinable - natural! Just a carrot as it is - alive, able to develop new leaves, flowers and seeds - natural! Just a fresh fruit as it is plucked from the tree!
     That we need such a complicated word to describe the original alive state of natural foodstuff, this demonstrates how far the civilization nutrition has deviated from the natural origin nutrition of man.
     To stop prevent and cure the consequences - the chronic civilization ailments and degeneration of offspring - mankind has to stop the de-naturation of foodstuffs, has to return to un-de-naturated, just simply to natural, alive foodstuffs.
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Genetically frugivorous: 
     There are different claims what a type of "eater" ("vorus") man should be. The claims often depend either on the personal preferences, or on economic interests. Who is used to eating steaks, will probably claim man to be an "omnivore" ("an all-and-everything-eater"). E.g. the meat industry surely will not claim man to be a "vegetarian". Another example: In the 1960-ties, a university professor, CEO of the university's nutrition institute, claimed man would need a daily protein supply of 400 grams of protein - while the World Food and Agriculture Organization FAO in Rome, at the same time, claimed a the daily protein supply optimum to be 35 grams (saying that more, as well as less, are not optimal for human health)!
     The FAO's experience was based on long-range experience with hundreds of millions of populations - while the professor's nutrition institute had got some research work to carry out for the fish industry!
     Objectively proven, man is genetically determined to be a "frugivore", a "fruit-eater". "Fruits" in that context are seeds from grass (e.g. cereal grains) and other plants (e.g. pulses), seeds (nuts) and fruits from trees, roots, and soft leaves. This was the natural origin nutrition of man.
     The most reliable documentation of this fact was presented by the "Dentitions-Comparing-Anatomy". It was Dr. Richard Lehne (Hamburg), who developed it. He studied the construction of dentitions of different mammal species, and compared it with their natural foodstuffs. He found the dentitions to be perfectly optimized tools, to comminute the respective foodstuffs of the species.
     Typical "meat eater" (carnivore) have dentitions the same as lions, dogs, tigers, cats etc.. Their "molars" are not made to "molar" (=mill, grind); they are designed as sharp knives, with gaps in between them, so that no meat fibres could get stuck there (that's why a lion doesn't need a toothpick after the meal, as man does, because man's dentition is not designed for eating meat).
     A typical "all-and-everything-eater" (omnivore) dentition has the wild boar (looking quite different from the dentition of man!).
     Man's dentition could be proven to be a "fruit-eater" (frugivore) dentition, by comparing its construction with the dentition of the frugivores among the primates, our next relatives in the evolution. This design of man's dentition is genetically fixed already for hundredthousands of years.
     Even the dentition of the eldest hominid skeleton "Lucy", (found by Donald Johanson and Tom Gray on the 30th of November, 1974, at the site of Hadar/Ethiopia, East Africa), who was living there 3.18 million years ago, was having the same frugivorous design of her dentition, that the todays's human population is having too.
     Eating a non-man-appropriate food (not even considering its additional denaturation), is one of the main causes of the civilization ailments - including diabetes.
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Plant-based: Plant-based foodstuff is food consisiting of plants, fruits and seeds that have grown and ripened on plants. A plant-based nutrition is not based on animals (meat, fish) or their products (eggs, milk etc.).
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Bio-medical measures: Measures that support the natural efforts of the body to maintain or restore health. There are plenty of methods and medications that can be used: Herbal medicine, homeopathy, acupuncture, electro-acupuncture, massage methods, bowel irrigation, exercises, sports, sun exposure, bathing and swimming in the oceans's water (from where all life has its origin), etc. etc. ...
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     It was Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, who found an inconsistency when studying pharmacology. There was written: Quinine causes fever. Also was there written: Quinine cures fever. He was thinking: "Either the one, or the other - or could it depend on the dosage?"
     Dr. Hahnemann started experiments on himself with different dilutions (concentrations) of quinine. In fact, when using it more concentrated, it caused fever. When using higher dilutions of quinine, the fever disappeared. This caused him to try other substances too (drugs, plant extracts etc.), and he found a principle: In higher concentration, a substance causes a very special picture of symtoms, that is typical for this substance. Other substances have other pictures of symptoms. Then, based on his quinine experience, he had another idea: If a patient has a similar picture of symptoms as one of the examined substance produced, why not to try what happens if giving this substance in a higher dilution to the patient? In fact, he found in many cases a surprising curing effect of this method. He formulated the principle he had found as follows (in Latin): "Similia similibus curantur!" Expressed and explained in English: If a patient has a picture of symptoms that are similar to the picture of symptoms produced by a substance if taken in higher concentration, the same substance often cures the patient's similar symptoms, if given to him in a higher dilution.
     The method for diluting was this: First he produced a concentrated, saturated solution of the substance. This he called the "original tinctur" of this substance. This he put in a medicine bottle. Then he took a new medicine bottle, and filled into it 1 part of the "original tincture", and 9 parts of the solvent (e.g. a 30 % alcohol solvent; for injection purposes a physiological salt solution; the same principle also works with not liquid substances like lactose or even fine clay). He found it to be important to add some energy to produce the curing effect of the dilution: If the mixture is liquid, to shake it 10 times intensively from up to down; in case of a solid mixture, intensively to triturate it in a mortar. This processing he called "Potentiating".
     The first dilution he named with the name of the substance plus "D1" (saying "Decimal One" = 0.1) behind the name. It is the "Potency D1" of the substance. From this "D1" he took (in another new bottle) again 1 part, added 9 parts, shook it intensively and named it "D2" (saying "Decimal Two = 0.01). He found, that many substances still produce symptoms even when given D4 or D5, and starting their curing effects from e.g. D6.
     Even in higher potencies he found curing effects. Therefore he started other experiments, in dilutioning steps of 1:99, calling it "Centesimal Potencies": C1 = 0.01; C2 = 0.0001; C3 = 0.000001 etc.. One of the strange findings was, that from very high potencies, like C100, sometimes one single intake was sufficient to cure a chronic complaint of the patient.
     In such high dilutions there doesn't remain a single molecule of the original substance remains. This was a welcome argument for the representatives of the "acknowledged medical doctrine", to name homeopathy as "nonsense", and the homeopathic physicians as "charlatans" or "quacks". If they would have been wise, they better would have kept quiet. It's never good to open the mouth about a matter without having own practical experience with it. "Si tacuisses, philosophus mansisses", the old Romans said already 2 more than 2 milliniums ago - says: "If you would have kept quiet, you would have remained a philosopher". Because, new studies found out, that substances are able to arrange their molecules in certain structures, that contain information the substance has received. Water e.g. forms certain "clusters" of water molecules, that contain information from substances, even if the substances themselves are no more there. This is one of the findings why even higher dilutions of homeopathic medication are effectful. That they are effectful, is proven by an uncountable number of cured patents, and can be found again in most cases, if properly and precisely applied.
That homeopathy only works if properly and precisely done, already Dr. Samuel Hahnemann had found out. Therefore he said to his students (medical doctors who learned homeopathy from him): "Copy it - but copy it precisely!" (The same I say to those who use my nutritional findings and recommendations to recover from chronic diseases).

.... In fact ....  The method he used for diluting was this: .... He found this .... Then he started experiments with other substances, drugs, extracts ... colleagues cooperated .... drug examinations ... even if the dilutions were so high that not one single molecule of the substance was in it, still there were pharmacological efficacy found ... this made others to declare it for irreal or nonsense ... it took op to only a few years ago, that the cause was found why even high solutions are effective: The structure information of the original substance transferres by the dilution method (potenzieren) on the compositions of the water molecules in "clusters" - the water itself now carries the information, as a magnetic tape carries the information spoken into a microphone and fixed there by the certain determined positions of the magnetic particles ... Some examples shall be given of the efficacy ...
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Suppressive methods: 
     There is a lot of suppression and "anti...-"measures in modern medicine. Fever? Antifebrile suppression. Inflammation? Antiphlogistic suppression. If the consequence of such unbiological treatment is allergy? Antihistaminica for suppression of the allergy. If the auto-immune-system becomes active: Auto-immune-suppression. If the blood sugar level elevates: Suppression by insulin. If cancer develops: General suppression of the natural cell division, not only of the division of cancer cells. Elevation of the blood pressure (hypertension)? Suppression by medication of "antihypertensiva". But - if one of the side-effects of "antihypertensive" medication is impotency? Can impotency be cured by suppressing it??
     The "modern medicine" and their representatives believe, if once they succeed to fight down all diseases in the patient and in the population, the remaining result should be health (their diagnosis of health: "findings negative"). This is their theory, this is the basis of their doctrine, of their treatments and of their medications.
     Unfortunately in the reality, after all their "heroic" fights against diseases, often even the patient him- or herself isn't remaining, having been finished together with the diseases.
     But in this case, again suppressive methods are applied: If any physician would dare to mention or even publish this fact, the "medical establishment" would suppress his opinion, apply censorship if he would offer his article to a medical journal to publish it, and would probably finish him economically, in his reputation and mentally (there are more than a few examples in history of medicine for that). [back to the original passage click here]
     A doctrine of "modern medicine" says: "If a drug has effect, it has also unwanted side-effects. If no side-effects, no effect at all. It's a matter of weighting, to put up with the unwanted side-effects in with the wanted main effect."
     In truth, only those drugs have unwanted side-effects, which are designed from an unbioligical point of view, e.g. "The body is wrong reacting like this, therefore we have to interfere", or "man is an imperfect creation, now we (the "modern medicine") come and improve and correct what has been created wrong".
     Most of the bio-logical treatments and medications do not have unwanted side effects, despite their wanted main effects often are more powerful and effective than all those un-bio-logically designed medication and drugs could be.
     In addition, after a disease has been cured with bio-medical methods, there is no time of convalescense needed (because the patient doesn't need to recover from unwanted side-effects of an unbiological treatment). 
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Allopathic medication: The word "allopathy" was created by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, the discoverer of the homeopathy. The word characterizes all medical methods and drugs that are opposite to the homeopathic therapy and medicines.
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Acupuncture: A technique of traditional Chinese medicine. Its application needs the knowledge of special location points in the skin, where nerval connections lead to organs of the body. Described in another way: Every organ has special points in the skin, from where you can influence the energy situation and energy flow of the organ, by putting fine silver or gold needles into such points. It's a very elegant medical method, optimized for several thousands of years in China. In many cases it cures faster than any other method, and it has no unwanted side-effects. (Negative statements about acupuncture are only released from "experts" that never had the knowledge and practical experience to treat with acupuncture - in this aspect it's the same with homeopathy).
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Electro-acupuncture: It was Dr. Reinhard Voll, Plochingen, Germany, who had studied acupuncture, and one day said to himself: If it's possible to influence organs by treating certain points on the skin by putting needles - perhaps it's too possible to measure something at these points? He started to measure and study the electric resistance of these acupunture points in the skin, and compared it with the findings in the patient. Soon he found this: If the organ is normal and healthy, there is a certain medium electric resistance. If the organ is ill, there is a deviation of the electric resistance of its acupunture point in the skin. Based on this discovery, Dr. Voll could develop a complete system of diagnosis and treatment, the "Electro-Acupuncture". Many physicians around the globe use this very successfully. As other bio-medical methods, electro-acupuncture doesn't have any unwanted side-effects.
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Plant extract (herbal) medicine: 
     Herbal medicine exists longer than man. Already before man appeared on earth, other mammals discovered how helpful certain herbs can be in case of certain complaints. Even they know which herbs to take to cure a certain pain or ache.
     Man has transferred and optimized the knowlege of herbal and plant extract medicine for thousands of generations. Still, part of this knowledge can be found in South America, Africa, China and India.
     Only the so-called "modern medicine" acted as proud as ignorant, declaring all this traditional knowledge for nonsense. Now, after most of this knowledge has been lost, they partially remark that there are substances of high efficacy in some unknown plants. But instead of using the plants or a plant extract directly, what would be as efffectful as cheap, now the millions from funds are pumped into research, to find the single effective substance, to produce it artificially, and to bring a new expensive drug into the market.
     This ignores the fact, that the natural synergy of components in the plant is much more effectful than an isolated stuff - however it brings much more earnings and a higher shareholder value than e.g. a simple herb tea or an alcohol extract of the plant. 
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     By nature, the body of man is designed to store what could be "out of stock" for some time; the longer this could happen with a stuff, the longer the body can store it (air, that's everywhere, only for minutes; water, that's sometimes not there, for some hours; food, that can be out until a next harvest or needs to walk a long distance to find it, for weeks). This is a result of evolution, of optimizing man to survive in a natural environment.
     In times of food deficiency, Air to breath and water to drink could be sufficient to survive for weeks without much food. Such times, at the same time, were natural "fasting times" - the body could consume everything that was stored, and by that clean up the organs and tissues from everything not needed to survive. Nowadays, in most of the countries for most people, there isn't any time of food deficiency. But the ability to store still is there. By the time, the storing places e.g. in the connective tissues become overfilled, people increase their weight, and even vital functions (e.g. the blood circulation) become affected by storage of protein and fat in the walls of the cardiovascular system.
     Therefore, certain periods of fasting - total fasting or restricted food intake - are useful to clean up the body from "expired storage". Several religions too recommend fasting periods to their people, similar as other hygienic and health advice (like frequent washing of the feet) is found in religious recommendations.
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Amputation: Removal of a limb or another body part by operation.
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Gangrene: Mumification or fouling decomposition of tissues that have died because of interruption of the blood supply. Gangrene in the toes, feet and legs often is one of the "later consequences" of diabetes (or of the oversupply with protein by the diabetic diet). The common medical recommendation is an amputation. E.g. in Germany, during the last 2 decades about 800,000 legs of diabetic patients have been amputated. This fact and numbers reveal it as a lie, to tell to the patients this would be prevented by taking regularly the right dosages of the medication. At the same time, as demonstrated in the book "Diabetes Causes and Cure, including Later Diabetes Consequences", most of such amputations could be avoided, if in time the common diabetes diet is given up and replaced by a natural, healthy, man-appropriate "civilized origin nutrition".
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Retina: The background of the eye, on which the picture by the eye's optical system is projected, and transformed into the nerve signals sent to the brain, where the picture is perceived. The retina has many very fine blood capillaries. In case of protein oversupply, a narrowing of capillaries can happen, forcing the organism fo form new capillaries, to maintain the blood supply of the eyeground. These new capillaries are not so solid, and easily some of them can become defect, with the consequence of bleedings in the eyeground. Such bleedings are the main cause of blindness, and 80 % of blind people are diabetics who have lost their eyeside in this way - less because of diabetes, more because of the protein oversupply with the common diabetic diet.
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Dialysis: Another consequence of an oversupply with protein is a thickening of the filter membranes of the kidneys, and a reduced blood circulation because of narrowed capillaries. At last, the kidneys can't longer filtrate the blood. The patient would die, if not twice per week a dialysis ("washing of the blood") of several hours would be carried out. The increase of kidney failure cases, especially in diabetes patients, is alarming - for the patients, but not so much for the industry supplying with the materials, chemicals and equipments needed for dialysis: Their shareholder values are within the best and most succesful ones - worldwide.
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Varicose Oesophagus: It's a chain of events with an often deadly ending. First, the diabetic patient's liver degenerates (hepatopathia diabetica). A liver cirrhosis develops, causing a shrinkage and hardening of the liver's tissues, and by that causing a congestion in the portal vein. Therefore, the veins in the oesophagus - the channel through which the food goes from the mouth into the stomach - become varicose. If such a vein breaks, the patient can die from an unremarked inner bleeding. It's again not true that this chain of events could be prevented by a right dosage of tablets or insulin. There are more chances of prevention by more health, and the most important basis of health is a healthy, natural, man-appropriate nutrition. 
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Heart attack: 
     It happens, if one of the heart's coronary blood vessels obliterate (close) completely, either by an embolic coagulation of the blood or by an increasing narrowing, caused by protein oversupply and its storage in the basal membrane of the blood vessels and capillaries.
     Nowadays, medicine tries to prevent this by a "bypass"-operation: a piece of a vein is taken from a leg and transplanted into the heart, and there connected with the respective narrowed vessel before and after the narrowed place, to "bypass" it. Such an operation on the living heart is a heavy operation. Despite often, after some time, the new blood vessel again narrows (because the same wrong nutrition, "rich in protein and low in calories" is recommended and continued). A second and a third "bypass"-operation is done - not always the patient survives it.
     If the patient survives the bypass-operations, another risk develops: The leg, from where the veins have been taken, therefore only has a reduced blood circulation. Especially in the diabetic patient, the risk of diabetic gangrene in this leg increases considerably.
     A much more bio-logic method would be, to change the nutrition from an oversupply with protein to a healthy, natural, man-appropriate nutrition (sorry that I have to insist, but it's the only true way out of the avalanche of catastrophic, often deadly events). Without any operation, this nutrition (eventually supported by a series of 8-10 small blood lettings of 80-100 milliliters, done by the physician once per week, as described in my book "Hypertension Causes & Cure) makes the storage in the basal membrane of the coronary blood vessels melting off, the blood itself reaches a lower viscosity (becomes thinner, more liquid), and the blood coagulation tendency reduces.
     By that, on a much less risky and much safer way, the patient leaves the cardiovascular risk zone for good. At the same time, the general health condition of the patient improves fundamentally.
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Stroke: A "stroke" happens, if one of the brain's blood vessels obliterate (close) completely, either by an embolic coagulation of the blood or by an increasing narrowing, caused by protein oversupply and its storage in the basal membrane of the blood vessels and capillaries. A part of the brain, no longer supplied by the blood stream, dies. The consequences are different, even can be deadly, depending on the affected brain area. In case of survival, e.g. on side of the body can be completely or partially paralysed. The remaining part of the brain tries to take over the lost functions, so a partial or nearly complete recovery is possible. As a prevention, there is no "bypass"-operation possible. The only effective prevention is to keep the cardiovascular system functional by a healthy, natural, man-appropriate nutrition, as already explained before and described in all practical details in the book "Schnitzer Intensive Nutrition, Schnitzer Normal Nutrition".
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     An embolus is a coagulation of the blood inside a blood vessel, closing it completely and disconnecting the area supplied before by the blood stream, so this area must die.
     In a healthy body, the coagulation of blood has the only task to stop a loss of blood in case of an injury. As soon as the loss of blood is stopped, the embolus inside the hurt blood vessel dissolves, and the blood supply of the tissues continues. This is possible, because in a healthy body the coagulation tendency and the de-coagulation ability are in a balance.
     In case of an oversupply with protein, as usually recommended for several different diets for different purposes, the coagulation-decoagulation balance shifts to the side of coagulation. Now, the blood easily coagulates, but it's more difficult for the body to re-dissolve the coagulated blood.
     The coagulation always is triggered by rough surfaces, as it happens in case of a wound, injury, hurt; and also if the blood flow gets slowed down or completely stopped, as is the case on the surface of a wound. The purpose is to cover the wound by a natural patch, under which the healing process is protected.
     But in case of protein oversupply, where some of the protein is stored in the basal membranes of the cardiovascular system, the inner surface of the blood vessels becomes uneven and rough in some places - and there easily a coagulation can be triggered, forming an embolus and closing the blood vessel.
     This oversupply of protein also slows down the velocity of the blood stream in the capillaries, by narrowing them, and elevating the viscosity of the blood (thickening the blood). In the University of Homburg/Saar, Germany, this blood stream velocity was measured in healthypeople and in young diabetics. They used a special microscope, to watch the blood stream velocity in the capillaries under the finger nails, and recorded it by video. A huge difference was found of about 14:1. To give a picture by comparing speeds in traffic: If the "healthy speed" would be 70 miles per hour, the "diabetic speed" would be 5.0 miles per hour. It's not difficult to understand, to which danger of embolism diabetics are exposed by the usual diabetic diet, containing an oversupply with protein.
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The usual diabetic diet: 
     The composition of the usual diabetic diet is based on a too much superficial idea of the disease: "The body is handicapped in processing carbohydrates. So we reduce them in the patient's nutrition. By what can we replace the carbohydrates? Adding fat wouldn't be good, what can we do? More protein is the only solution ..."
     The fundamental mistake was, not to go deep enough into the questions why the patient is handicapped in processing carbohydrates. The medical system was satisfied to have found medicines that can be produced, sold and permanently applied: Insulin for diabetes type I, sulphonyl urea for diabetes type II. Especially the permanent need of as many as possible chronic patients is interesting from an economic point of view.
     Therefore, huge research capital was and still is pumped into studies and developments to improve the mass production e.g. of insulin. Even genetic manipulations of animals are tried, to cause them to produce human insulin.
     In a sharp contrast, not any fund is spent to go deeper into the questions about diabetes: Why does the diabetic I have a decreasing one's own insulin production, which event or measure caused the auto immune system to turn against its own organ and cells? Why are the insulin receptors of diabetics II less functional? What are the long-term-effects of a diet rich in protein? Are there alternatives?
In truth, this diabetic diet reinforces the main cause of diabetes II: a protein oversupply. This protein oversupply in the nowaday's civilization feeding habits already is the cause, why such a high percentage of the population is ill from diabetes type II. Giving the cause of the disease as a reinforced diet, makes the disease incurable. From an economic point of view, this might be understandable. But to where have the ethic aspects disappeared?
Résumé: The usual diabetic diet, with its high content of protein, is a main cause of diabetes II and of its "incurability", and the usual diabetic diet with its high content of protein is a main cause of the serious "later consequences" of diabetes I and diabetes II. More about, and what the alternatives are, can be found in the book "Diabetes Causes & Cure, including the Later Diabetes Consequences".
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Civilized origin nutrition: Man's genetic programming determines man to be a frugivore. The most convincing, irrefutable evidence has been presented by Dr. Richard Lehne. With his "Comparing Dentition Anatomy" he could demonstrate the dentitions of all mammals to be very specialized and optimized tools to comminute the origin food of the respective species. By comparing other mammal's dentitions, that are most similar to man's dentition, with the known origin foodstuffs of such mammals, Dr. Lehne could diagnose man without any doubt as a frugivore. Man's origin nutrition was composed of seeds from trees and plants (e.g. grass seeds), fruits, roots and soft leaves. To enable the today's populations to return to a natural nutrition and by that to prevent and cure the chronic civilization diseases caused by the denaturated civilization nutrition, I developed from 1963 to 1975 a "Civilized Origin Nutrition", using for it the agriculural and gardening food crops and fruits man has developed from the original wild food plants, and published it in 1975 in the book "Schnitzer Intensive Nutrition, Schnitzer Normal Nutrition"
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Slowly resorbable carbohydrates: The dosages or sulphonyl urea or insulin are mainly determined by the peaks of the blood sugar level. Fast resorbable carbohydrates like sugar and refined flours (and products containing them) cause high peaks of the blood sugar level. Wholemeal cereal foodstuff and meals, especially if prepared from germinable, freshly ground cereal grains and eaten raw as muesli preparations, are slowly resorbed, maintaining a well balanced supply for several hours. Therefore, when changing to this natural nutrition, in the first hours and days the blood sugar level should be measured more often. Because mostly, already during the first hours and days, the dosages can (must) be reduced considerably, in average by about 30 %, as the practical experience is.
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Frugivore: Concerning the original food base of mammals, they are ordered in different classes, as "Herbivore" (Grass/pant-eaters), "Carnivore" (meat-eater), "Omnivore" (all-and-everything-eater), and "Frugivore" (fruit-eater). If man would be an "Onmivore", as many people claim by different reasons, man's dentition should be constructed similar to the wild boar's dentition. Obviously man's dentition doesn't look like that, nor like a Carnivore's dentition.
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Cellular therapy: 
     Therapy with living cells from another organism. In the beginning were experiments with organ transplantations from primates, carried out by Prof. Woronoff, who lived in the South of France. One of the problems was, that diseases were transferred also by that from the primates, e.g. Syphilis.
     One of Woronoffs students was Dr. Paul Niehans, who lived in Vevey, Switzerland. Once, in an acute case, where during a thyroid operation the parathyroid gland was affected (it regulates the calcium management of the body), there was no time to prepare an organ transplantation; the patient would have died within few hours by the deregulation of the calcium level. So Dr. Niehans took a parathyroid grand from a young animal, and in a sterile glass plate he cut it into very small pieces with an operation scalpell, filled it in a syringe and injected it into the gluaeus maximus (gluteal muscle) of the patient. The patient was saved by that for good.
     By this experience, Dr. Niehans discovered that it's not necessary to transplant an organ; it's in even a better way and more effectful, to inject a solution with embryonal living cells, even mixed from different organs, into the gluteal muscle. Dr. Niehans worked with cells from sheep embryos; the sheep were kept in a very natural environment in the mountains behind Vevey. Many famous people of his time became the patients of Dr. Niehans, presidents, chancellors, the pope Pius XII, managers, and many "normal" patients from all over the world.
     It's not clear to me, why these experiences of Prof. Woronoff and Dr. Niehans are widely ignored, even fought down and discriminated, while the "modern medicine" again starts from the beginning, transplanting organs, with all disadvantages like the autoimmune reactions of the body against the transplanted organ - while Dr. Niehans had solved this problem. He didn't need any "autoimmune-suppressive" medication - in the opposite, his cellular therapy improved the capacities of the auto-immune system of his patients considerably.
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Stem cells: Stem cells are the status of cells shortly after the fertilization of the ovo. They are "omnipotent", they can develop to every type of specialized cells, e.g. brain cells as well as liver cells, or B-cells for the pancreas. In the developing embryo, still there are unspecialized stem cells. They are found in the umbilical cord, and even the adult organism has stem cells. Presently, there are research efforts to find ways using stem cells for therapies of incurable diseases. There are hopeful results as well as heavy "ethical objections" against the application. There are real chances to cure diabetes type I with this therapy. Naturally, if most chronic ailments would become curable, it would be a success for the patients and the few doctors who do such treatments - and a "Black Friday" for all others, who hithertoo earned their income from the incurability of those diseases.
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Endemic growth: The increase in percentage of a certain disease in a population.
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Diabetic morbidity: The percentage of people in a population being ill from diabetes (morbus=disease).
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Targeted disinformation: 
     This is a strategy to draw the people's attention away from a truth that is wanted to hide, or to destroy a person's reputation so the people stop believing what this person is publishing or doing. It was developed in East Europe during the "Cold War" after Worldwar II. After that, the method was adopted by many pressure groups to defend their political and economic interests. A book could be filled with examples.
     One example shall be given here, that's directly concerning diabetes: It was in 1977, that I was asked for advice in a desperate case of diabetes: The hospital urgently advised to amputate the patient's leg because of diabetic gangrene, but the patient said "No!". His family took him home. After having been asked to help, I recommended to take a strictly and completely raw, plant-based nutrition, without any animal food component, including no drop of milk. The controlling doctor stated after only a few days: "Amputation no longer needed, blood circulation improving."
     The gangrenic ulcer healed up within some weeks, and - surprisingly - the diabetes was cured after a few months completely, while the hospital's doctors had stated that, because of aggravation of the diabetes, sulfonyl urea should be replaced by insulin injections.
     In 1978, I published the case, expecting other doctors would ask me how we did it, to learn from it and hopefully to cure their diabetic patients also. Only one single doctor asked and tried it: His great curing results you find on this page in a table (Dr. Helmut Weiss).
     At the same time, this was the point, when "targeted disinformation" was used against the new therapy: A medical professor, known as "diabetologist", and being the editor of a diabetes journal for diabetic patients, aggressed me heavily in its editoral, warning from this new healthy nutrition and threatening with "legal consequences" against me. At the same time, he caused a friend of him in the German Government's Health Office in Berlin, to warn all Health Offices of all German districts from this new diet.
     And now read carefully the targeted disinformation that was sent out: "This diet could be harmful to diabetics, because it could cause a dangerous hypoglycemia". You, as a diabetic patient yourself or knowing the disease at least, can read even out of that disinformation the truth: "This diet is so effectful in lowering the blood sugar level in diabetics, that maintaining the same dosage of sulfonyl urea or insulin could cause a hypoglycemia (a too low blood sugar level)".
     So, by the covering the truth with a smoke of misleading words, a "warning" was spread, to hinder patients to improve their health. Because if less insulin needed, it's an economic disadvantage for those who produce and sell it. This is a perfect example of "targeted disinformation"!
     After this, I even offered to this professor to re-evaluate by himself the efficacy of this healthy nutrition in improving the diabetic patient's health; I offered to inform him about all details of my experience and of this "diet" (=natural healthy nutrition). He refused, giving the following reason: "Finally we have a different opinion about diabetes." Why did he not take the chance to "finish" me scientificly, by proving hopefully that this "diet" wouldn't work? Was he afraid that the truth and his error would be revealed, if accepting my offer of a study in his diabetes clinic?
     Another example: Recently, I visited a Diabetes Newsgroup on the Internet. The poor information given to the diabetic patients touched me. I gave a short info about my first experience with this disease, describing this case where it was possible to avoid the amputation and even later to cure the diabetes. About 5-6 people responded - in a very aggressive, malicious, insulting way, like having to defend a valuable property (the disease) against somebody who tries to bring health. Calmfully I responded with a final statement. Shortly after that, my provider warned me because of "Spam", threatening to close my complete Internet site in case of repetition. Investigations brought out, that those people are using a hidden code in their comments, that automatically reports everybody to a "Spam office" who responds to their insulting comments. And such comments of them to other people who tried to put reasonable information on the diabetes newsgroup were found too. Also a certain connection to some big chemical industry in the background was found ...
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More explanation needed? A lot more information, and all practical Know How needed to use this knowledge practically, can be found in the book "Diabetes Causes & Cure, Including the Later Diabetes Consequences".
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