Diabetes Secrets for the Young Generation:

Diabetes Type I

What your Doctor isn't telling you
about Causes, Prevention and Cure

by Dr. Johann Georg Schnitzer

  • Diabetes is one of the fastest growing of civilization conditions. 

  • Type I and II have different causes.

  • But their nasty later consequences are the same.

  • If you become a victim of diabetes, your doctor (after all living on such chronic diseases) will welcome you and treat your diabetic disease and its unavoidable later diabetes consequences - for the rest of your life.

  • However - in the last analysis not living on healthy or cured people - your doctor isn't telling you much about causes, prevention and cure of Diabetes.

  • Some of these "medical secrets" are revealed here - enabling you to protect yourself from the disease and from its later consequences.

  • Even cure isn't impossible. Find out the secrets of a recovery!

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Diabetes Type I, an Auto-Immune Disease

Diabetes Type I is said to be an auto-immune disease. The immune-system of the body aggresses the B-cells in the pancreas and destroys them. Finally, the production of insulin becomes insufficient to control the blood sugar level. The patient depends on an artificial blood-sugar-management for life, by daily Insulin injections and a special diabetic diet. The diabetic is told to be incurable and to arrange with the disease for lifetime. Up to this point, the diabetic patients are informed by their physicians about their disease.

The "Restricted Area of Medical Secrets" begins with 2 Questions:

Why does the immune system aggress its own B-cells?

It's a fact, that often in B-cells of Diabetes-I-patients viruses are found. This could be a reason, why the immune system aggresses the B-cells. But this leads directly to the next question:

How come viruses into B-cells?

It's told to happen because of a virus infection. But this is only half the truth.

The Plain Truth Continues with a Top Secret: In most Cases, it's an Allopathic Medication that Causes Diabetes Type I!

By nature, the human body alone is able to defend successfully against infections

  • By nature, the human body is able to defend successfully against infections from viruses and bacteria. The immune system is successfully fighting them down in the spaces outside the cells of the body, before they would be able to penetrate the cell membranes and enter the cells.

  • Two of the most important and effectful defense measures are an elevated body temperature, and inflammation. Both include complicated alterations of the basic conditions in the body, including a change of the hydrogen ion concentration towards a more acid milieu, and a mobilization of an army of specialized defense cells of the immune system.

It's medication that disables the immune system!

  • What's the "modern medicine" doing in such acute cases of self-defense: "Antiphlogistic" and "antibiotic" measures are the todays standard! And which are the consequences of such "medical interference"?

  •  Immediately the defense measures of the immune system are stopped, the "fever" reduces, the milieu in the body goes back to "neutral".

  • Now the entry doors are widely opened for every viruses, bacteria and poisons, to penetrate the cell membranes and to integrate themselves directly with the genetic code of the cells.

The auto-immune system is right to find and destroy "Trojan Horses"!

  • From that moment on, the immune system recognizes e.g.: There are B-cells used as "Trojan Horses" by viruses to duplicate themselves, even perhaps producing insulin molecules that carry each of them a virus (because a virus might have docked with an insulin original from which the insulin copies are taken).

  • The logic consequence of the immune system: Such B-cells must be destroyed.

It's the doctor, who was wrong to disable the body's army -
in the middle of the hottest phase of the battle!

  • Therefore, it's not the virus infection itself causing Diabetes I - it's the unbiologic, antiphlogistic, antibiotic measure of "modern physicians", suppressing the reactions of the immune system on the infection and disabling the immune system by that!

  • In fact, in every single case of Diabetes I we could get a complete anamnesis, such a measure of a physician was found, shortly before the break-out of the Diabetes I.

  • Even - against the doubtful theory of "genetic causes" - one of two uniovular twins (age about 1 year) got Diabetes I, the other twin didn't get it. When analyzing the anamnesis, this came out: Shortly before, the one twin had a cold, and was treated with antiphlogistic suppositories - and shortly after became diabetic. The other uniovular twin had no cold, was not treated, and didn't become diabetic.

  • In another case of Diabetes I, the cause was the antibiotic, antiphlogistic treatment of a parulis (a swollen cheek because of a dead tooth).

  • If you are a diabetic Type I, or if you know one, try to check the anamnesis. Probably you will find such a cause.

  • The same medical fault can cause other chronic diseases too, e.g. Leukemia. The explanation why, is found in the "Homotoxicology" principles of Dr. Hans Heinrich Reckeweg.

  • Much more such "secret" details you can find in the book "Diabetes Causes & Cure, Including Cure of Later Diabetes Consequences". For the book review, please click on this title.

Prevention of Diabetes Type I

"Primary Health Care"

Most important is a "Primary Health Care: To prevent and to treat diseases by health". This definition was formulated by the former Ethiopian Vice Minister of Health, Dr. Getachew Tadesse, an internationally acknowledged epidemiologist. When I met him in 1989/90 in Addis Ababa (the capital of Ethiopia, East Africa, the origin area of mankind), he said to me: We know that the Western medicine would destroy our population. This we don't want." (Question: Who are the real "developing countries", and who should learn from whom, when concerning knowledge and status of natural health of their populations?!)

Man's Origin Nutrition, the Natural Basis of Health

What's the most important basis of health? It's a natural, undenaturated, man-appropriate nutrition. After man has been proven to be genetically frugivorous, the healthiest nutrition for man is plant-based. A natural nutrition, based on man's origin nutrition and transformed into a "civilized origin nutrition", is described in all details in the book "Schnitzer Intensive Nutrition, Schnitzer Normal Nutrition". For the book review, please click on the title.

Never Suppress - Always Support the Auto-Immune-System!

  • The other important measure is, in cases of infection, inflammation, fever, never to suppress the immune system - the opposite way is the right way: Always to support the immune system by bio-medical measures.

  • An excellent "tool" e.g. is homeopathy. Mostly, homeopathy cures such acute events much faster than the usual suppressive methods, and it's without the often dangerous "side-effects" and later consequences of allopathic medication.

  • Other methods are acupuncture, electro-acupuncture, or plant extract medicine.

  • Fasting during the acute "hot phase" too supports the immune system, because normally most of its capacity is busy with metabolizing food. Fasting sets this part of capacity free for self-defense. If the body signalizes "No appetite", it's good to follow the signal and not to eat anything, until a new signal "Hunger" comes.

  • Important: Always to drink sufficiently good well water (e.g. the French table water "Volvic"). More about measures in such acute cases (unfortunately at this moment only in German) is available on the page "Grippe und Erkaeltung" (please click here).

Causes & Prevention of the "Later Consequences" of Diabetes Type I

The serious "Later Consequences" of Diabetes

  • The "later consequences" of both types of Diabetes, I and II, are the same, and they all are very serious: Leg amputation because of diabetic gangrene, losing eyesight because of bleedings in the retina, renal failure (needing dialysis), degeneration of nerves, loss of sensation, degeneration of the liver, inner bleeding to death because of a varicose oesophagus, heart attack, stroke, and embolism.

  • All these serious conditions can't be avoided by regularly taking the recommended medications and diet (that's too one of the secrets that aren't told to the patients by their doctors).

In truth, these conditions are "Later Consequences" of the Diabetic Diet!

  • In truth, all these serious conditions aren't really "later consequences" of the diabetic disease - they are "later consequences" of the usual diabetic diet! This diet provides an oversupply with protein - and this is the real and true cause of the "later consequences", and the main cause of Diabetes Type II itself.

  • Although the "modern medicine" doesn't offer an alternative to this diabetic diet, there is one: It is the "civilized origin nutrition", that provides sufficient, but no oversupply of protein, and that provides a well balanced supply with slowly resorbable carbohydrates. In addition, this natural nutrition contains everything the body needs to normalize its metabolism and to reconquer its natural health.

The alternative diabetic diet: The healthy, man-appropriate
"Civilized Origin Nutrition"

Cure of Diabetes Type I, including its "Later Consequences"

  • It's not so easy to cure Diabetes Type I, than to cure Diabetes Type II. But it's possible too in a considerable percentage of the cases. And the others at least can be improved, and most of the heavy later consequences can be prevented.

  • Here's the result of one German physician, who treated 119 diabetics with this knowledge, among them 31 with Diabetes I:

119 diabetic patients treated with the diabetes curing therapy,
discovered by Dr. Johann Georg Schnitzer already in 1977:







Diabetes II






Later Consequences






Diabetes I






Later Consequences






(reported by Dr. H. Weiss in "Erfahrungsheilkunde" 13/1981, S. 1085-1087, Haug Edition, Heidelberg, Germany)
  • Additional chances to cure Diabetes Type I can be expected from a cellular therapy with special stem cells, that don't provoke the body's immune system. But even this would be rather useless, if the causes of the later consequences of Diabetes still would exist in the body, and if the natural preconditions of health wouldn't be restored.

Why there isn't much preventive information from the medical system ...

  • Concerning Diabetes I and II, there isn't much information from the system of the "modern medicine". You must perceive it clearly: Diabetes itself is one of the biggest businesses of the medical sector, including physicians, pharmacies, the pharma industry, the hospitals, the clinics, and the insurances.

  • The later conequences of Diabetes aren't less "interesting" (economically seen); Dialysis, leg amputations, wheel chair production - alltogether they (and their profits and shareholder values) grow with the endemic growth (increase) of the diabetic morbidity in the population. The causes, including the doubtful composition of the common diabetic diet, too belong to the "restricted area of medical secrets". These secrets aren't only denied. Even "targeted disinformation" (an Eastern invention developed during the Cold War) is used in PR articles and news -  to spread doubts, in case people try to find out the truth behind the diseases business.

  • About this strange course of the so called "modern medicine", that urgently would need a correction, please read: "Medicus, quo vadis? Physician, whither thou goest?" (to find the treaty, please click on the title).

Conclusion: Protect yourself from Diabetes and its Later Consequences!

  • Already the awareness of a danger reduces it considerably (it's told by 50 %), because it attracts your attention to the danger and motivates you for prevention. Therefore, direct your attention to the chronic civilization conditions and their causes, and especially to Diabetes!

  • Inform yourself directly, try to find out the uncensored, unfiltrated truth about the secrets of natural health and the civilization's avoidable chronic diseases. About Diabetes, you find it concentrated in the book "Diabetes Causes & Cure, Including Cure of Later Diabetes Consequences". About a nutrition that maintains your health, you find all information and practical Know How in the book "Schnitzer Intensive Nutrition, Schnitzer Normal Nutrition".

What I'm able to contribute from my side to inform you, I'm doing  via my website and my books. The truth is easy to understand, and it can save you from serious and permanent, lifelong trouble. It's not necessary for you to fall into the same diseases traps as your parents and grandparents did. You have now a real chance to prevent it, and to protect or reconquer your natural health.

Friedrichshafen, Germany, 2004     Dr. Johann Georg Schnitzer

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